Party V.I.P Extras

Flashing LED wands

Flashing Foam Wands - children love these very visual wands.

  • They are great fun to wave around - and very soft
  • Great as a party bag extra
  • Or just as a party extra

The wands come complete with batteries and can be used immediately.

steve at a party with flashing wands
steve with crowd in background all with balloon models

Bag of Balloons

Order your pre-made bag of balloon models which come in a clear bag - Steve will bring these with him on the day of the party.

There are a wide variety of balloons ranging from:

    • Disney Frozen
    • Spiderman
    • Hulk
    • Aliens
    • Flowers
    • Plus, much much more

These are the most popular party extra and great to give away with the party bags or give away during the show.

They are very visual and colourful; something the children will be talking about for weeks after the party.

There are many other V.I.P extras available.

When you book Steve you will receive full details along with your invoice and the Steve Sausage information pack and brochure.

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