School Shows

steve sausage performs at a school party

Thank you for a fantastic show at North Elmham Primary School this afternoon. The children (of all ages) really enjoyed it - you even managed to defrost those who were "too cool for school". Highly recommended and we look forward to seeing the Sausage roll in again.

Assembly Welcome Magic Show

steve sausage assembly showThis 45 minute show is full of music, magic, & comedy. The show is highly motivating for the children and the teachers will also have a great time!

The Assembly Welcome Magic Show is designed to make the the new children feel at ease and comforted in their new environment to help them feel part of it from the outset. It is the perfect welcome into the school.

Please note: Although it is a high-energy fast-paced show the children are brought back down before they return to classroom.

Steve is able to tailor his school shows to meet time slots and to accommodate particular themes. The tricks and presentation are adapted to meet the ages of the children, the number present and the venue.

School Disco,Games & Magic Show

The School Disco, Games & Magic show starts as soon as they arrive; with disco lights, bubbles and a professional stage set up so the children know they're gonna have an amazing time.

Steve gets everyone joining in with best disco dancer and best singer with lots of games and prizes given throughout. Steve will finish with his high-energy amazing multi-award-winning magic show which includes balloon modelling, juggling, ventriloquism and Steve's famous unicycling routine - not to be missed.

Great for school leavers, fundrasiers, fetes, school graduation plus much more.

mauden school show

Just a quick email to say thanks for coming down to our event on Saturday. It was clear that all of the children (and adults!) enjoyed your show, and from speaking to children and parents at school this morning, you have really made many new fans! I enjoyed our ‘Shaky’ dance at the end of the show, but did get a few funny looks from parents this morning! A few suggested it was rehearsed, but I put them straight!

Thanks again - and hope to see you back at Flitch Green sometime

Family Fun Night

steve sausage family fun show

It is held at your school the same evening as the Daytime Show. The kids are SO EXCITED after seeing the Daytime Show, and they beg their parents to return!

This one hour Family Night show is completely different from the assembly, yet it has all the same high class production values. For this show, we request that the audience is seated as families…after all…it’s Family Night! One Child described Steve Sausage Family Night Show as “a Las Vegas Show for kids!”

The show is filled with music, magic, mind reading, and hilarious comedy that will have everyone laughing.

School Magic & Circus Workshops

Learn fun skills

School workshops help build children's confidence and social skills through teaching them a selection of simple tricks and juggling skills. They will be provided with all the materials they need to perform the following:

  • Plate spinning
  • Juggling using balls & rings
  • Balloon modelling - learn to make a dog, hat, flower and more
  • Mystery card trick
  • Vanishing coin trick
  • The famous Cups & Balls trick

At the end of the session there will be a short showcase giving the children a chance to show what they have learnt.


Confidence is boosted and social skills are taught by learning;

  • How to interact with peers
  • The value of exchanging ideas
  • Patience - it takes time to get things right sometimes
  • How to have fun with friends
  • The joy of laughter
  • The sheer joy of learning something new
  • The psychology of magic tricks